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Bleeding gums and what to do about it

Do you know the reason your gums may sometimes bleed? Normally, the gum lining around the teeth is intact. If the lining begins to break down or become infected, it may bleed.

The gum lining may break down for a number of reasons, some more serious than others. If your gums start bleeding by themselves for no apparent reason, you should see your dentist immediately. Blood work will likely be done to check for diseases like leukemia, which often show their first signs in gum tissue. This, fortunately, is rare.

Most of the time, bleeding is noticed when good methods of dental hygiene are not being followed. For instance, if flossing is not done on a regular basis, a return to it may cause the gums to bleed. This is not serious and the gums recover quickly. Continued bleeding, however, is best treated by a prompt visit to your dentist. This professional is specially trained to treat this and other dental problems.

by Oleg Vinson DDS
photo credit: kellinahandbasket via photopin cc


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