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how to choose the best toothbrush Did you know that before 1938, toothbrushes were made of natural bristles from the hair fibers of hogs?  Its true.  Because these bristles were hollow, they tended to trap bacteria and wear out quickly.  In the 1950's, nylon bristles were developed;  they last longer and clean the teeth better.
With today's multitude of choice in toothbrushes, how do you know what's best?  There are a few things to look for.  To begin with, the handle should be comfortable to grasp, with two flat sides and no longer than about six inches.  Secondly, the bristles should be of medium stiffness, and the box may state "6/12 nylon."  You also want to make sure the tufts are of equal length.  Finally, the brush head itself shouldn't cover more than two teeth at a time.  Any more than that and it becomes difficult to clean hard to reach areas.  For more detailed information on how to properly brush and floss for your most confident smile, take a look at home care section of our website.
There is no one, best toothbrush for everyone.  Be choosy and find the brush that you and your dentist are comfortable with.  Always remember, good dental hygiene begins with daily brushing.
by Oleg Vinson DDS
photo credit: IntelGuy via photopin cc
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