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why dental xrays are important

Did you ever stop to wonder why your dentist wants to take x-rays of your mouth? Wouldn't a thorough visual examination of the mouth give the same kind of information?

In a word, no. X-rays, which show the hidden roots of the teeth and the jaw, can help the dentist find the solution to your dental concerns. Dental diseases can't always be seen because they can occur in the jaws and hidden parts of the mouth. Some of the diseases are very serious. Also, good x-rays can show the doctor where tooth decay and infection are located. Impacted wisdom teeth and poorly fit dental work can also be visualized.

It is reassuring to know that today's x-rays are very safe. In most instances, the amount of radiation you receive is about the same as you might receive from the sun on an average day. Your dentist will take every measure to protect you from excess exposure. Look to him/her to help you with all your dental needs.

by Oleg Vinson DDS


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