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effect of dental health on your heart

Have you ever thought about the effect good oral hygiene has on your heart? Until recently, no one even knew if there was a relationship. Current research has discovered something astounding. Patients with long standing gum or periodontal disease are more likely to have heart problems than individuals with otherwise healthy gums.

It is thought that the plaque-causing bacteria inside your mouth may force your body's white blood cells to release dangerous clot-producing proteins. If that happens, your heart could be at risk. If you presently have heart trouble, your dentist must know this to safeguard your health. During dental treatment in which your gums bleed, certain bacteria can travel from the mouth to the heart. With some heart conditions, the bacteria €n cause a serious infection which can damage the heart. Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics to prevent the bacteria from becoming infectious.

Every system within your body depends on another for its health. Let your dentist know of any health problems you have. Then you will receive the best dental care.

by Oleg Vinson DDS


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