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Have you ever wished for a brighter smile? Have you ever wanted to repair a chipped tooth or build up a space between them? If so, your answer may be cosmetic dentistry. This area of dentistry corrects dental defects which detract from your appearance. To some degree, most dentists use some of the techniques used in cosmetic dentistry.

Bleaching is usually done to remove deep stains from the teeth, especially on the more visible upper front teeth. Potent, yet harmless, chemicals and gels are applied to achieve white teeth. A second popular technique is "contouring.” Here, selected outer portions of your tooth enamel are ground off in order to give your teeth a more natural and attractive appearance. It's painless and won't hurt the tooth. A third technique is called 'composite" bonding. This technique is especially useful to cover over deep stains on the teeth or to build up the shape of the teeth. Other techniques may also be used.

Cosmetic dentistry has improved the lives of countless people. Consult your dentist for more information on this important topic.

by Oleg Vinson DDS