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For more than one hundred years, we have known that certain foods, like sugar, can promote tooth decay. The sugars break down in the mouth, forming an acid which attack the outer surface of the teeth.

You must understand that we are all a product of our diet and our heredity. There is a direct relationship between the quality of our diet and the health of the tissues which support the teeth. By far, the best diet for good dental health doesn't have a lot of processed and refined foods in it. Whole grains, milk, lean meats and poultry, along with a good supply of fruits and vegetables, are good for the body as well as the teeth. Remember, too, a balance of foods must be eaten to insure you getting all the nutrients you need.

Healthy teeth don't happen by accident. It's not always easy to eat well. Those with a balanced diet who visit their dentist regularly are rewarded with a lifetime of good dental health. At Teeth Tamers Dental Care located in Forest Hills, NY we are always ready to address your dental needs.

by Oleg Vinson DDS


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