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Every few years, the opponents of routine fluoridation of drinking water are heard. They will claim that fluoridated water causes higher rates of cancer, bone problems, kidney trouble, and even weakened tooth enamel. The fact remains, however, that there is not a single valid clinical study which clearly demonstrates that routine fluoridation at the proper levels caused any of these problems.

In fact, the evidence documenting the safety of fluoridation is overwhelming. Since 1970, more than 3,500 different studies of this subject have been done. This research has been ongoing for the last half century.

Almost 150 million Americans use fluoridated water today. Around the world another 150 million people benefit from the use of this water treatment. The case for improved dental health through fluoridation is so compelling that some states now require the water to be fluoridated. Stronger teeth and better protection against tooth decay have been the welcome results. Your dental health can only be improved with today's fluoridated water.

by Oleg Vinson DDS
photo credit: Nick Harris1 via photopin cc


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