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Getting your kids to Brush their teeth

You know it's important for your child's health. As a parent, you want to do the right thing. When it comes to regular #teeth #brushing, though, it's become a struggle just to get your child to brush their teeth.

Some parents, unfortunately, give in and allow their children to neglect good oral hygiene. Don't make that mistake! Your children should be taught very early how to brush. This can be encouraged as a regular habit by using some of the flavored children's toothpastes now available. Try to reserve brushing for the same time each day so it comes to be an expected activity. If your child still resists, make a game of it. You may even wish to pretend to be a 'dentist' for your child, in the process doing the needed brushing for them. Older children may respond to a reward system that you establish.

Perhaps most important, set a good example. Your daily brushing, flossing, and avoidance of sweets will do more to develop good dental habits than anything else.

by Oleg Vinson DDS
Forest Hills, NY


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