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ways to correct thumb sucking habbit

Well, actually it is both. First, it must be understood that thumb sucking is a 'natural reflex.' An ultrasound test on a developing baby will often show him or her sucking a thumb. The process of sucking ones thumb does have a very strong calming effect on your child and also allows one to feel safe. When this habit goes on for too long, however, orthodontic problems can often occur.

By the age of six or seven, the child's permanent teeth are just beginning to arrive. Before then, thumb sucking will cause few problems. After permanent teeth are present in the mouth, abnormal pressure from the thumb can cause the front upper teeth to become 'bucked.' The bottom front teeth then become crowded backward. A misalignment of the teeth occurs and may require lengthy braces treatment to correct the position of the teeth.

So, how do you stop thumb sucking for your four- or five-year-old? Some have found gloving the hand, dipping the thumb in vinegar, and increased attention to the child helpful. In the end, though, treatment depends on how long and how often the thumb sucking occurs. To avoid any permanent damage, don't delay your attempts to stop this habit. Visit Teeth Tamers Dental Care, to discuss your child's treatment options with Dr. Vinson.

by Oleg Vinson DDS
Forest Hills, NY
photo credit: J. Star via photopin cc#thumbsucking #foresthillsdentist


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