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Forest Hills Dentist Teeth Grinding Habbit

Do you or a loved one grind your teeth, especially when sleeping? It's called "bruxism," and it's not that uncommon. Often, the inner mouth and cheek may be bitten if the grinding continues over a long period of time. This habit can be broken, though.

At Teeth Tamers Dental Care in Forest Hills, NY Dr. Oleg Vinson can help solve this problem in a number of ways. Sometimes, the surfaces of the teeth are irregular. This prolongs the "grinding" habit, but is a problem that can be easily resolved. Another alternative to selective shaving of your natural tooth surface may be wearing a "guard" in the mouth while you're asleep to help break the habit. In some situation it has been found that the teeth are poorly aligned, having a pointed "cusp." This could irritate your inner cheek and contribute to biting of the cheek. Fortunately, this is correctable, too.

Chronic teeth grinding is sometimes caused by tension. Anything you can do to relax yourself and reduce your stress will help. Remember, your dentist is an invaluable resource for solving this and other dental concerns.

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Written by Oleg Vinson
Forest Hills, NY
photo credit: t-dot-s-dot via photopin cc


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