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Ways to treat chronic #BadBreath

ODOR -- It's everywhere. We are constantly reminded of it in the advertisements. Buy this and prevent FOOT odor; buy that and avoid BODY odor. It's no surprise that bad breath is socially unacceptable. Every year, advertisers spend millions to sell their mouthwashes and other treatments for bad breath.

While using the mouthwash can take minimize the symptoms of your bad breath, you must understand that using these products for chronically bad breath can actually mask periodontal, or gum, disease. Diseased gums and tooth decay are the two most common causes of bad breath, also known as "halitosis." In addition, ff you smoke, you're not only more likely to have bad breath, but also to get periodontal disease. Eating strong foods, like onions and garlic, is rarely the real cause of chronic bad breath.

As an alternative to costly commercial products, a saltwater rinse can be used instead of a mouthwash. Please remember to visit your dental professional at least two times a year for a dental teeth and gum cleaning. But keep in mind that the best way to keep your breath fresh is by daily brushing and flossing. Your gums need your help in this so they can fight off plaque and tartar deposits.

At Teeth Tamers Dental Care, office of Dr. Oleg Vinson, located in Forest Hills, NY, we offer comprehensive dental and periodontal (gum) solutions, and have successfully treated multiple cases of challenging gum conditions. Please visit our website for more information

Written by Oleg Vinson
Forest Hills, NY
photo credit: bill barber via photopin cc


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