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Forest Hills Dentist Fluoridated Water

By now, most communities around our country have fluoridated their drinking water. Study after study has shown its value in preventing tooth decay. But how does fluoride do that?

You must understand that the best protection you have against decay is to have a strong outer layer surrounding each tooth. This layer is called the "enamel." It's made up mostly of calcium and phosphorus. Fluoride strengthens not only newly forming teeth, but also fully developed ones. It helps to counteract the acid formed by decay-producing bacteria in saliva.

Fluoride drops and supplements can be taken if fluoride is not normally found in your drinking water. They are also recommended for nursing infants. Your dentist or pediatrician can give you the dosage needed. Extra amounts of fluoride are received through most toothpastes or fluoride rinses. This added fluoride is particularly helpful from the time the teeth first appear through puberty. Your dentist may also wish to apply potent fluoride treatments in the office for additional protection. Follow your dentist's advice for the strongest, decay-free teeth possible.

Visit our Forest Hills location to discuss if additional fluoride regiment would be beneficial for your dental health.

Written by Oleg Vinson
Forest Hills, NY
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