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forest hills NY dental sealants

Did you know that there's now a way to provide an added measure of protection against tooth decay aside from brushing and flossing? They're called "dental sealants".

Most cavities and decay occur on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Here, food and debris collect in the pits and fissures found on the surfaces of each tooth. Dental sealants cover over these irregularities with a simple and painless process. Generally, sealants are used on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. The tooth to be sealed is first cleaned and then roughened with a solution so the sealant will better stick to the tooth surface. After that, the sealant is brushed on. Sometimes, a special light is then used to "cure" the sealant.

In the past, sealants have been applied mostly on children's teeth. An increasing number of adults has found that sealants can prevent decay on their teeth as well. Ask your dentist to find out if this treatment is right for you, or visit our Forest Hills, NY location for a complimentary consultation.

Written by Oleg Vinson
Forest Hills, NY
photo credit: dental ben via photopin cc


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  4. I always thought that dental sealants were just for kids, however my Fairfield, CT dentist explained that people tend to think that because insurance providers quit covering it at the age of 13 typically. I was having issues with decay and debris getting stuck in my teeth so we decided to do dental sealants in Fairfield, since I had them applied I haven’t had a single cavity and my teeth are so much easier to clean! Apparently the sealant creates a barrier, stopping stuff from becoming stuck.

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