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"How much are my child's braces going to cost?"

affordable braces cost
This important question is heard frequently in orthodontic offices every day. The answer depends primarily on where you live and how extensive or time consuming the treatment needs to be. In larger cities, where overhead and insurance costs are high, fees could be up to $6,000 or $7,000. In less populated areas, complete orthodontic treatment can be had for under $3,000.

During normal orthodontic treatment, your child sees the orthodontist about 100 times. The cost per visit, therefore, is actually comparable to the cost of other professional dental services. Orthodontists must pay for and maintain some very costly equipment. In addition, there are the rising costs of staff salaries, rent, and malpractice insurance. Most of the fees you pay go towards paying off these "fixed costs."

While the compensation of you doctor is an integral part of the treatment process, consider the benefits of proper teeth alignment for yourself. The most obvious advantage is cosmetics. Looking good and feeling better about yourself come naturally when you have a 'winning' smile. On the other hand, braces offer benefits that are much more than skin deep. Improperly closing bite very commonly leads to breathing and stomach problems due to inability to chew food properly or completely. Tooth decay is also likely to develop if your teeth are not aligned, because proper brushing technique is difficult to follow. While the orthodontic treatment carries a sizeable price tag, the cost of braces treatment is much less than the cost of NOT getting it

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Written by Oleg Vinson
Forest Hills, NY
photo credit: hectorlandaeta via photopin cc


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